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This website will not be updated anymore. Updates about my research will appear on my new domain


My name is Stephan Trenn and I am a Juniorprofessor at the University of Kaiserslautern (TU Kaiserslautern) in the Technomathematics group. My current contact details can be found at my small website there.


Since you found your way to this website I assume that you might be interested in my publications? Please use also the links directly to my journal articles and conference contributions in the menu on the left. I also have profiles at Google Scholar, ResearchGate and ORCID


A summary of my education and former positions can be found in my short vita.


My current research focuses on differential algebraic equations (DAEs), in particular

  • Distributional solution theory
  • Control theory of switched DAEs
  • Modelling of power systems

I am or have been also working in the following areas

  • Funnel control
  • Function approximation with Neural Networks
  • Control of pneumatic cylinders

Finally, my Erdös number (see also here) is 4.

(Eugene P. Ryan - Geoffrey R. Burton - George B. Purdy - Paul Erdös)